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Documents & Manuals

All business, industries and businesses are based on documents. In all industries everything has to be documented from what needs to be done to the final report. If the documents did not exist, the history, the reasons for that moment, the numbers and all those processes that accompany the business are lost. Like other industries, the Adventure Courses need their documents and manuals to operate. Some of them are requirements of the company itself, others are requirements of law but, no matter where the requirement comes from, that translates into documents that must be completed correctly and stored in the designated place. Any document can be used in case of a legal claim that occurs in the Adventure Course. In fact, the ACCT standards require a number of documents and manuals as part of the operation of the Course. We at Aire Libre International are experts in the creation and documentation of the operation of Adventure Courses.


The documents that are needed in the Adventure Course are often already in the form of templates, forms that the employee simply completes either by hand, or on a computer. Some of the operative documents that we work for our clients are:

  1. Emergency plans

  2. Accident reports

  3. Incident reports

  4. Rope Logs

  5. Equipment logs

  6. Inventory reports

  7. Equipment inspections

  8. Waivers

  9. Medical history

  10. Safety talks

  11. Working plans

  12. Training plans

  13. Maintenance reports

  14. Tour Logs

  15. Local inspection logs


The vital information of the companies is contained in the books. These manuals contain the processes, training, numbers, descriptions, logistics and all the rules and regulations established by the company. Aire Libre International can help you in the task of developing and obtaining all the manuals necessary for the operation of the Adventure Course. Some of the manuals that we created are:

  1. Local Operation Procedures (LOP)

  2. Employee Handbook

  3. Operation Manual

  4. Element Operation Manual

  5. First Aid Manual, RCP & DEA for the Adventure Guide

  6. Training Manual for the Adventure Guide

  7. Operation and administration books

  8. Local Inspections Manual

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