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Local Operation Procedures (LOP)

The ACCT Operation standards require that Adventure Courses be operated based on LOP. Although the operation of the Course requires several documents and manuals, perhaps the LOPs are the most important document as this group or consists of a series of issues and processes associated with risk management of the Course Operation. At Aire Libre Inc. we are experts developing specific LOPs for each company. In general terms and following the ACCT standards, the LOP's are composed of the following:

1. Purposes, Mission & Vision of the Adventure Course
2. Human Resources
3. Registration Process
4. Risk Management Plan
5. Operations Manual
6. Employee Handbook
7. Emergency Plan
8. Training Plan
9. Reviews and Evaluations
10. Course Operator
11. Inspection Program
12. Maintenance Program
13. "Screening" systems
14. Risk Communication
15. Customer Supervision Plan
16. Management of Specialized Equipment
17. Employee Supervision Plan

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