Staff Training Workbook for Zip Line and Canopy Tour Operation

First commercial manual focused on the certification of the Canopy/Zip Line Tour Guides. The Curriculum is based on the competencies proposed by the ACCT standards (ANSI/ACCT 2016-03). This manual focuses on how to train and certify the Zip Line Tour Guides. Also, this manual is useful for the Adventure Guide, as well as for the instructor who teaches the Course. This book was designed to be used by training programs of Adventure Courses or Companies that provide training services and needed a training manual. All the skills needed by a Canopy/Zip Line Tour Guide are clearly discussed in the manual with images and examples that help the Guide to know, understand and acquire the necessary skills to perform as a Canopy/Zip Line Tour Guide.



Dr. Luis D. Acevedo

Dr. José H. González

This Manual is useful for:
• Operators
• Owners
• Instructors/Trainers
• Professional Inspectors
• In-House Inspectors
• Canopy Guides/Facilitators
• Training Company
• Local training programs

• Professional training programs

Table of Content

  1. The Canopy/Zip Line Adventure Guide

  2. Understanding the Course

  3. Equipment and Inspections

  4. Course components & Inspections

  5. Risk management & the Adventure Guide

  6. Risk management before the Operation

  7. Risk management during the Operation

  8. Risk management after the Operation

  9. Technical Rescues

  10. Incident & Emergencies

"Staff Training Workbook for Zip Line and Canopy Tour Operation"

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